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Individuals, Families, Small Business, Medicare Recipients, those whose COBRA has ended and need want Guaranteed Coverage   - Special Enrollment  Insurance have come to the right website

We specialize in providing the best Low Cost* Affordable Medical, Health Disability and Life Insurance Term Quotes , including Instant FREE Quotes & Programs for  you.

15 Ways & Reasons of why YOU will feel better with Steve Shorr Insurance.

  1. Steve Shorr Insurance has been serving individuals, small and medium businesses since 1981.

  2. We  represent  many fine Medical & Life Insurance companies, including Kaiser, Blue Cross, Blue Shield  Jackson National  PacifiCare UHP and  Health Net.  

  3. Employer Groups of two or more now are guaranteed medical & health coverage through any medical carrier, including HMO's and PPO's. AB 1672.& 1083

  4. These fringe benefits are usually tax deductible for the employer and non taxable to the employee. IRS publication 15b 

  5. There is no additional charge as mandated by law,  for our services in advising and helping you obtain the coverage best suited for your needs.  The Insurance Companies or HMO's compensate us,  as it saves both you and them time and money.

  6. Our staff has studied Insurance in College and beyond, which gives us a strong foundation in the Principles of Insurance.   We counsel you to get the coverage you need for financial security, as close of half of all bankruptcy filings are due to debt from medical expenses and not just trade dollars with the Insurance Companies.

  7. Steve Shorr (double "r")  our President and founder has 30+ years of experience, including a BS Degree, in Insurance, CPCU and RHU

  8. We monitor  Health Reform - Affordable Care Act, Insurance, and taxation Laws such as HIPAA, COBRA HSA's, Section 125, The Governor's Proposals, etc.    to make sure our clients have the best coverage available and that it meets their needs.

  9. As a public service we also link to various State & Federal Programs for the uninsured, low income, or chronic medical conditions, including  Guaranteed Issued programs, namely  - MR. MIP for Individuals and families and PCIP.  (Leviticus 19:9)

  10. Sample List of conditions and diseases that may be covered.

  11.  We are happy to help you via phone 310.519.1335, Email and personal visits at your office, factory, home or our office which is conveniently , located off the 110 Freeway in San Pedro, CA a suburb of Los Angeles..

  12. Our Service staff is waiting for your call or email.  We rarely get any service problems to work on from our clients.  Privacy issues do keep us from getting copies of your claims, without specific permission.
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  13. Testimonials

  14. Instant Quotes and Applications

  15. Video Explanations & Introductions


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to respond to your needs and wants, with answers to your questions and providing knowledgeable guidance about Medical, Life, Disability and Retirement Benefits.

We and many of our customers and web visitors believe we have demonstrated this mission by providing this website to the public free of charge or obligation.


Video Introduction to this website by Steve Shorr


Video explanation of Insurance and Hospitalization by Art Shorr (no relation)

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*Ok, these are hype words.  Pricing is relative.  How much does it cost NOT to be covered? 

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Individual & Family • Employer Groups • Term Life Insurance • Medicare • Child ONLY • HIPAA after COBRA • Dental